Megan's Law Registrants

Megan’s Law Registrants attending Christ Reformed Church are required to follow this policy and is meant to supplement terms of parole.

Child/Youth Worker Application

All pastors, elders, deacons, Sunday school teachers (including adult Sunday school teachers), church employees and independent contractors, and Gems and Cadets leaders and volunteers, nursery volunteers, and anyone who occasionally volunteers to work with youth is required to fill out this Child/Youth Worker Application form.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Policy

The church staff and each volunteer child/youth worker is required to sign this Acknowledgement of Receipt of Child Protection/Sexual Harassment Policy, that they have received a copy of this policy, read it, and understand it.

Authorization to Treat a Minor

At least one parent of a child shall be required to complete and sign this Waiver and Consent of Parent and Authorization to Treat a Minor form on an annual basis. A copy of the completed Authorization to Treat a Minor form shall be taken on any field trip.

California Penal Code

This a link to the California Penal Code, Article 2.5. Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act [11164 - 11174.3] .

Child Protection and Sexual Harassment Policy

Christ Reformed Church is committed to creating and maintaining programs, facilities and community in which members, friends, staff and volunteers can worship, learn and work together in an atmosphere free from misconduct towards minors and sexual harassment. It is the intention of the church to prevent behavior that is contrary to this policy and, if necessary, to discipline those persons who violate this policy. This policy prohibits all misconduct towards minors. (A minor is anyone under 18 years of age). Sexual harassment is sexual advances toward another person contrary to his or her wishes. It includes behavior directed at another person with the intent of intimidating, humiliating, and embarrassing the other person, or subjecting the person to public discrimination.

Incident Report

The Consistory receiving the initial Incident Witness Report (see below) will be responsible for confirming the facts reported and the condition of the child or other victim on the same day on which the first report was made or as soon as practical. As soon as practical, the Consistory shall see that this Child Protection/Sexual Harassment Incident Report is completed.

Incident Witness Report

Any complaint or report of a violation of this policy shall be submitted to any member of the Consistory. Any person who reports an incident shall submit this Incident Witness Report.

Parent Consent and Hold Harmless

At least one parent of a child shall be required to complete and sign this Parent/Guardian of a Minor Consent and Hold Harmless form on an annual basis.

Report Abuse to Legal Authorities

The Consistory shall fully comply with the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, found in Penal Code Section 11164-11174.3. As required by law, if there is a reasonable suspicion of child sexual abuse or neglect, a mandated reporter (one of the Pastors or the Clerk of Council) must report the incident immediately by telephone to the Police Department or Sheriff Department, followed up by this written report within 36 hours. 

Authorized Release

A parent uses this form when the parent wants someone else to pick up his/her child from the Nursery or GEMS.

Permission to Counsel a Minor

A parent uses this form when the parent wishes to have a pastor counsel a minor.

Deacon Monitor Log

The deacons use this form to monitor the Sunday School class rooms.