Rev. Danny Hyde

Ruth 1:1-22 "Where Would You Turn?"
Rev. Danny Hyde, Sunday Morning Worship, May 8, 2016

Dr. Michael Horton

John 11:1-44 "I Am the Resurrection and the Life"
Dr. Michael Horton, 20th Anniversary Sunday Morning Worship 11/1/2015

Rev. Andrea Ferrari

Luke 23:44-49 "The Seventh Word of Jesus from the Cross"
Rev. Andrea Ferrari, Sunday Morning Worship 6/1/2014

Professor Kenneth Samples

Christianity's Dangerous Ideas but Good, Anthropology, The Imago Dei - Genesis 1:26-28
Professor Kenneth Samples, Sunday Morning Worship June 17, 2012

Rev. Quentin Falkena

Who is This? Mark 4:35-41
Rev. Quentin B. Falkena, Sunday Morning Worship July 10, 2011