Children's Sunday School Classes Resume: September 10, 2017

This Sunday, September 10, the new fall session of Sunday School for our children begins. Sunday school classes meet every week at 9:00 a.m. for children ages 3 through high school age.  

Sunday School 3-5 year old class.jpg

The teachers for this year are:
Ages 3-5  (Alyssa Perez and Chloe Reeves)                
Grades 1-3  (Susan Chaplin and LeeAnn Tyler)
Grades 4-6  (Mr. Mark Russell)
Jr. High School  (Mr. Larry Alwag)
High School  (Mr. Pryce Thomas)
Since the classes are welcoming new students, it is a time of excitement and possibly some anxiety over entering a class that is new and challenging. As a parent, you may wish to sit in on the new class in order to better understand what occurs there so that you may assist your child’s weekly preparation.
The Consistory of Christ Reformed Church strongly encourages parents to faithfully and consistently bring their families to Sunday school in addition to the worship service. This time of teaching not only supplements and reinforces what is being learned in the worship service but also at home. It also allows our youth to form deeper friendships with peers, an important contribution to their Christian fellowship within the Church.
If your child is not yet actively participating in a Sunday school class, please prayerfully consider bringing them and also attending the adult Sunday school regularly yourself. If you have questions or concerns, please seek out Mr. Bob Reeves (Director of the children’s Sunday school), or any of the elders.