An Evening with Michael Horton presented by White Horse Inn: March 9, 2018

An Evening With Michael Horton.jpg

Join us on Friday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. for an evening with Michael Horton.  Tickets are FREE but you do need to register.

We live in a time when religious affiliation is on the wane, and autonomy is on the rise. People increasingly believe that they are not accountable to anyone. They begin to see themselves as the measure of all things. In such a world, there are no ultimate standards of truth, goodness or beauty, but only subjective preferences which is why many have come to believe in our day “we are what we feel.” 

Join us as Mike Horton challenges us to ask ourselves whether we too have bought into many of the beliefs and assumptions of our contemporary culture, with its stress on consumer preference and individual autonomy. This message of hope reorients our hearts and encourages us to raise our eyes to heaven.